About Us

From Design to Production we do it all in-house


Our mission is to empower kids to believe. The belief that all kids, despite their backgrounds and economic limitations deserved accessibility to opportunities. Driven by the belief that through education, we could empower children and their families, Kids Unlimited became a conduit to hope and today our mission has become a community norm.

The entrepreneurial and printing class was started as an elective class to teach students about entrepreneurship and business using screen printing as the business model through Kids Unlimited Academy. We offer the elective class to our 8th graders that teaches the skills and discipline of garment decorating through screen printing, vinyl transfers and embroidery.

The non-profit business ‘EmpowerPrint Unlimited’ was started in 2021 as a way to help raise money for the Kids Unlimited foundation and provide paying jobs and work experience for Kids unlimited alumni who are currently in high school.  The students are not just employees, but treated as partners in the business by including them in each step of the process from bidding, art creation, job set up, job execution, packing, shipping, and clean up. We teach the students the ins and outs of all of these steps through our mentor, Kevin Williams, who has over 20 years professional experience in the business.


We offer a work program to high school kids that have graduated through the Kids Unlimited Academy school.  Besides the chance to earn some money, we also teach them all aspects of the screen printing trade and business side of things. This gives our students a chance to add references and work experience to their resume’s.


You need professional equipment to deliver professional results. We are proud to use quality ROQ equipment in our studio. Some of our equipment includes:

  • ROQ 6 color, 4 station press
  • ROQ 4 color, 4 station press
  • HotROQ large forced air dryer
  • 2 flash units
  • Wiflex Pantone plastisol ink matching system
  • Waterbased and Discharge ink available
  • ROQ vacuum exposure unit
  • Dark Room
  • Large format film printer
  • Poly bag machines
  • Tagging machines
  • 52″ Vinyl Cutting Machine
  • 2 Heat Presses
  • 10 color embroidery machine